Hello, I am Limpan! Thanks for visiting my page!

Software developer from Sweden!

My fascination with computers began in childhood, nurtured by countless hours of gaming. This hobby eventually evolved into a dedicated interest in software development, with a particular focus on full-stack development.

In addition to my professional work, I work on open-source projects in my free time, which are publicly available on Github

Feel free to reach out too!

Recent projects

valentines special

Admin Attendence

A full stack web application for seeing the attendence of the personeel at NTI gymnasiet. Built with Next.js, JWT, Socket.io, Express.js, tailwindcss and Mongodb. The application also has an built in API that being used by a raspberry pico W to update the attendence for a person with a button press.


Point of Sale system

A POS system for hotels. Built with c# and winforms. Uses NUnit for unit testing.


BTD6 farmer

A macro system for the game Bloons td 6. Relies on OCR with tesseract and template matching with opencv for navigation and interacting with the game.